Hearth From Home

Ishgardian-influenced Eatery

Coeurl - The Mists - Ward 16 Plot 59

Enjoy Ishgardian-influenced food and drink!
Open 5 - 7 PM PDT every Sunday!


Loaghtan Steak

Priestly Omelette

Seafood Stew

Pasta Ortolano

Salmon Muffin


Ishgardian Muffin

Kaiser Roll

Baked Onion Soup

Blood Tomato Salad


Sohm Al Tart

Rolanberry Cheese

Almond Cream Croissant


Ishgardian Tea

Heavenly Eggnog

(Rum available on request)

Spiced Cider

Hot Chocolate

Box of Teas

See Server
For Wine List


Craving something that you don't see on the menu?
Speak with (or have your server ask) our resident "Man of Mysteries"
Tretesta Kerberion about your desires!